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Dr. Guoqing Jiang, MD – Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
Well-respected industry veteran with over 15 years of extensive experience and a proven track record in pharmaceutical sales, marketing and operation. Prior to TPI, Dr. Jiang served senior management positions at several pharmaceutical companies including CEO of Kelun Pharmaceutical Group and helped establishing the company as the world's largest producer of I.V. products and one of China's leading distributor of pharmaceutical products. Dr. Jiang was once a lecturer and resident physician for over 5 years after graduating as a Medical Doctor from Jiangsu University Medical School.

Mr. Tao (Victor) Yang, Chief Operating Officer.
Mr. Yang became our Chief Operating Officer in September 2009. Prior to that, Mr. Yang has been our Chief Advisor for Sales and Marketing and Special Advisor to Dr. Jiang since 2008. Mr. Yang is a well-known certified pharmaceutical sales training specialist with more than 18 years experience in the sales and marketing industry. His experience includes sales training specialist and marketing manager for Astra Zeneca and Bayer, managing the training services for 85 well-known domestic and international pharmaceuticals for the past decade. These include Grunenthal- San Huan Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd., Beaufour Ipsen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Yangtze River Pharmacy Group, etc. Mr. Yang also served as BPIP implementation consultant for CPDF, launched by the World Bank in 2001, and the executive advisor of a policy system program in 2007, which is a training system formed by the Chinese and British government aiming to support domestic small to medium sized businesses.

Mr. Xintao You, Chief Technology Officer
Mr. You has over 20 years of industry experience. Prior to joining TPI, Mr. You was a Research Scientist at Sichuan Industrial Institute of Antibiotics, Faculty Member at West China School of Pharmacy Sichuan University, Visiting Scholar at Osaka University and Director of quality system at the Sichuan Qili Pharmaceutical Co. Mr. You received his Bachelors degree and Masters degree in pharmacy, respectively from China Pharmaceutical University and Sichuan University-affiliated West China Center of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Daqiao Zhang, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Dr. Zhang has over 15 years of pharmaceutical marketing and sales experience. Prior to TPI, he served in various senior marketing and sales positions at Simcere Pharmaceutical Group (NYSE: SCR) and Nanjing Medical Company (SHSE: 600713). Dr. Zhang graduated from Jiangsu University Medical School and he also received an MBA degree from Macau University of Sciences and Technology.